Generating Rhythmically Captivating Chords with Ableton Live’s MIDI Effects| Generative Music Part 3

We’ve already covered how to use MIDI effects in Ableton Live to generate basslines and melodies in the two previous episodes on generative music with Ableton Live. Now, let’s check out chord generation. It can be challenging to come up with catchy and memorable chord progressions at times. Especially if you want an interesting rhythm to them.

As you become more comfortable with Ableton Live’s MIDI effects, you’ll realise that the possibilities for creating chords are truly limitless. By combining different effects, experimenting with parameters, and exploring new rhythms, you can push the boundaries of your creativity and produce truly unique and captivating compositions.

We’ll only need Ableton Live’s MIDI effects for this. With the exception of two devices, I’ll be showing in this video, all are compatible with all Live versions — including Lite — as well as versions prior to Ableton Live Suite 11. In this video tutorial, the following MIDI effects will be used: Random, Scale, Arpeggiator, Chord, Expression Control, Audio Effect Rack, Note Length, Velocity, and Note Echo.

In the first three episodes, we mostly explore MIDI effects for generative music, with increasingly complex tips and tricks on how to make the most of them. In the fourth and final episode, we’ll work on how to produce basslines, melodies, and chords simultaneously so that you can produce all musical output through generation. We’ll also look at further Ableton Live features to improve the output, as well as some ideas for future development.


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Please let me know if you have any further questions or remarks in the comments section below. You’re also welcome to suggest any other topics you’d like me to tackle in the future.

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