ConChord 1.2 Update

With an update following so closely on the heels of the last, you can probably guess that it’s one that doesn’t bring any new features, but merely bugfixes. The update is of course free for all current users. If you’ve

ConChord 1.1 Update – Now 16 Step Chord Sequencing

Christian Kleine aka Max for Cats is back with a free update for all current ConChord users. ConChord, the pulse driven chord step sequencer, now features 16 steps instead of just 8, which gives you a maximum of 112 pulses,

5 Interesting Free Max for Live MIDI Effects

Today I’ve picked out five free Max for Live MIDI effects that were released recently, and that are fairly simple with not too many features, but the ones they have, add something to Live and make it better or more

MK16-185 Sequencer – Free Max for Live 16 Step Sequencer

You might be familiar with Nico Starke’s “ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer”. Now there’s an updated version of it available for free. The most notable change in the MK16-185 Sequencer are the 16 steps instead of 8, an often requested feature.

Genstep16 – Free Evolving Max for Live Step Sequencer

Genstep16 is a very interesting kind of step sequencer. It has the ability to generate new arpeggio/melody patterns over time. Also adding variations in velocity and duration make the patterns seem very organic and human. Very inspiring!

Polyrhythmus – Free Max for Live MIDI Effect for Patterns

Polyrhythmus is a Max for Live rhythm sequencer, arpeggio builder as well as a MIDI CC and parameter automator. If you’re into polyrhythms or arpeggios, this one’s quite a treat. It looks great, too and despite all this is free.


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