Ableton Live Insider Tips: Easy Looper FX Overdubs

This time around in the Ableton Live Insider Tips I have a great trick for anyone who uses Live’s Looper. There’s a hidden feature that makes overdubbing layers of effects a breeze. This lets you mangle and change the loop

Studio Tools by Max for Cats

Free Studio Tools by Max for Cats

Christian Kleine aka Max for Cats is back with a free Max for Live Pack called Studio Tools. Included are three devices: a phase scope, an oscilloscope and a signal generator. The first two are visualiser tools for mixing, the

The Top 5 Video Tutorials on Sonic Bloom in 2021

The year 2021 is coming to a close (thank goodness). I thought we could take the time to look back at the video tutorials most watched on Sonic Bloom. Have a look if you’d missed them before and I hope

With a Little Help from Max for Live: PitchLoop89

Last, but most certainly not least, in this fourth part of the mini series within With a Little Help from Max for Live we’re taking a look at PitchLoop89. The Max for Live audio effect was developed in collaboration with


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