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Ableton Live Insider Tips: Advanced Key Mapping

Between the two mapping modes, excluding Macro Mapping, the Key Mapping mode is less frequently used. However, it can be quite useful for making music or playing live. I share a little known trick and some tips to avoid pitfalls.

4 Ways to Add Text Notes to Ableton Live Sets

Do you want to add text notes to your Ableton Live Set for documentation, ideas, or to-dos? This video presents four options for jotting down text notes, including hacks and free devices.

How to Play Melodies with One Drum Pad in Ableton Live

This tutorial covers two methods for setting up a drum pad in a Drum Rack to play a melody, such as a bass line, alongside beats. This tip is especially helpful for those using Ableton Live with an electronic drum kit or as a controllerist using Push or a similar MIDI controller. However, this approach can also be used creatively in music productions.


Free Ableton Live 10 Themes Mega Pack (65 Themes)

This free mega pack with 65 individual themes covers a huge variety of looks, ranging from light to medium to extremely dark. Some are more retro in style, some are neutral greys with pops of colour, and still others have very bold hues.

Free Ableton Live 11 Themes Mega Pack (55 Themes)

Since Live 11 came out I’ve created 11 individual themes sets consisting of five themes for Ableton Live 11 each. Since there is ample interest in all of them, I thought I’d combine them all together into one mega pack for you. So it’s easier to download them all.

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