Odesi – Music Composition App

Odesi is a fairly new music composition standalone application made by Mixed in Key. The folks who made it easy for DJs with no knowledge of music theory to DJ their tracks in key, now tackle the same issue in

Fingertip MIDI – iOS App for Easy Playing in Key

By now there are countless key layouts at our disposal. Traditional ones like the piano roll or the layout in fourths (string instruments, e.g. the guitar) that require knowledge in music theory as well as modern ones created to make

Sound Chopper – Free Standalone App for Mac

Sound Chopper is an application built in Max/MSP and for Mac OS X by sound designer Matteo Cerquone. It allows you to manipulate and transform pre-recorded sound through its many sound effects such as pitch shifter, reverb, delay and looper

LIVKONTROL – TouchScreen Controller for iOS & Android

There are quite a few touchscreen controller apps available for iPhone and iPad, even if you only count the ones dedicated to controlling Ableton Live. Not so on the Android app market. LivKontrol is the only controller for Live that


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