6 Creative Ways to Use Comping in Ableton Live

Comping is the process of combining multiple takes of recording and selecting the best parts from each. This video tutorial will cover six unique and creative methods to apply comping. Of course, there are numerous other ways you can use it.

Sound Design with Time-Stretching in Impulse

  Introduced in Ableton Live 4 as a companion device to Simpler for drums and percussion, Impulse has time-stretching capabilities that can be harnessed for sound design. Despite being one of the most ignored and neglected instruments in Ableton Live

5 Arpeggiator Tricks for Drums & Percussion

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you five tricks on how you can use the arpeggiator for drums and percussion. At the same time we’re going to look at the often underused features of the MIDI effect in to achieve more depth for our drum arpeggios.

All Music Production Tips in One Place

All Music Production Tips in One Place

Here you will find all the articles from the category Music Production Tips linked and briefly summarised for your convenience. I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Spectrum in Ableton Live

A Good Mix Starts With The Arrangement

If a song or track is well arranged, mixing will be a lot easier. I’ve gotten a lot of tracks to mix over the years that were very challenging to mix, because they essentially needed changes in the arrangement, that

Tasks To Do When Feeling Uninspired

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we just don’t feel very creative. The thing is we’re not robots. It’s simply part of being human. Don’t beat yourself up about it or it might turn into a creative rut (here are some


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