Generating Unlimited Basslines with Ableton Live’s MIDI Effects | Generative Music Part 1

In 2020 I released free MIDI effect racks for generating music. Their success very much surprised me. Since there has been continued interest, I thought I’d create a video series on generative music. Generating music can be an amazing way to come up with new ideas, for getting into the flow, when the creative spark is lacking. It can also be a useful tool for those with no or very little music theory knowledge.

In this first episode we’re looking at how to generate basslines. When it comes to creating captivating music, the bassline plays a crucial role in setting the foundation and groove of a track. Ableton Live provides a range of MIDI effects that can serve as excellent idea starters for crafting unique and compelling basslines. In this video tutorial, we’ll explore how to leverage Live’s MIDI effects to generate inspiring basslines that will make your music stand out.

For this, we’ll only need Ableton Live’s MIDI effects. While I’ll be showing tips and tricks in Ableton Live Suite 11, all devices except for one are available in all Live versions, even Lite, and in earlier versions than 11 as well. In this video tutorial, we’ll be employing the following MIDI effects: Random, Scale, Arpeggiator, Chord and Expression Control.

We’ll create melodies in different ways in the second episode, and chords in the third. The MIDI effects for generative music will be the primary discussion topic in the first three episodes, and I’ll be adding more and more intricate tips and tricks. In order to be able to create all musical output through generation, we’ll work on how to generate basslines, melodies, and chords simultaneously in the fourth and final episode. We’ll also explore additional Ableton Live features to improve the output, along with some recommendations for further expansion.


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As usual, you’re welcome to leave any comments below. Questions, suggestions. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover in a future tutorial, please let me know.

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