Custom Solutions for Live Performances

Ableton Live is a very flexible and complex software allowing lots of different ways to harness its power. Especially for any kind of live performance the possibilities are sheer endless. May it be a solo performance or enhancing your band’s stage show with live electronics, adding audio-visuals to theatre and dance performances or creating sound installations, I can help you set everything up successfully.

I first assess the needs of your setup, before I design and implement it. This can include all necessary audio and vocal effects, keyboard and drum presets, audio samples as well as integrating your preferred controllers.

Here Are Some Examples of Potential Services:

  • Ableton Live programming for artists & bands, theatre, companies or events
  • Preparation of studio content for a dynamic live performance (suitable for soloists or artists on a budget)
  • Interactive audio solutions for stage shows including design and implementation
  • Design and implementation for interactive audio/visual installations
  • Custom hardware controller integration
    Music technology design – live sound, software instruments & effects
  • Preparation of vocal effects, real time audio effects, keyboard and drum presets
If you are interested in my consulting services, please contact me with your project. I will then determine the extent of the necessary setup and work out different price proposals to find one that fits your budget. Alternatively, you could also book one or several one-to-one lessons with me to answer remaining questions and fix gaps in your knowledge.

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