Reveal: Ableton Live Touchscreen Control for Windows

I often get complains when I post about anything that is only for Mac users. Reveal, a touch app designed to efficiently control Ableton Live, is only for Windows 7 and up, no need for additional coding or drivers and

Loop4Live: MIDI Foot Controller for Live Looping in Ableton Live

Loop4Live is a MIDI foot controller dedicated to Ableton Live developed by computer engineer and guitarist Aurélien Benoit, particularly created for any instrumentalist looking to launch and record audio and/or MIDI clips on the fly. The foot controller features a

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

Mixed in Key – Key Detection Software Now as a Plugin

Particularly if you’re DJing with Ableton Live or other software you might know or even use Mixed in Key already. The key detection software is now also available as a VST or AU plugin named Mixed In Key Studio Edition,

Live Enhancement Suite: Supercharged Live Features

No matter how great Live is there are always features left you might want, but that aren’t included (yet). Live Enhancement Suite is a workflow enhancement tool written in AutoHotkey that adds a lot of extra features to Live. It’s

Captain Plugins for Easy Composition by Mixed in Key

Mixed in Key have released a new plugin bundle recently. It’s called Captain plugins and they make composing much easier. At the moment, four plugins are available, called Chords, Melody, Deep and Play. Two more, named Hook and Beat will

6 Ableton Push MIDI Remote Script Mods

You probably already know that I like hacks and mods. Recently I was sent a MIDI remote script for Push 2’s User Mode, so I thought I’d compile an article with the available user hacks for Ableton Push to round things


Odesi – Music Composition App

Odesi is a fairly new music composition standalone application made by Mixed in Key. The folks who made it easy for DJs with no knowledge of music theory to DJ their tracks in key, now tackle the same issue in


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