Generative Music in Ableton Live Pt. 4 & Free MIDI Effect Racks/Live Set

In the first three episodes of my four-part series on using Ableton Live’s MIDI effects to create generative music, we’ve looked at generating basslines (part 1), melodies (part 2), and chords (part 3). I would suggest watching the previous episodes before watching this final one, as I showed you how to use MIDI effects for generation in progressively more complex ways.

From each of the effect chains in the first three videos, I’ve made MIDI effect racks, adjusted them, and macro mapped them. Each of them has multiple macro variations as well. These are available for free download below, along with the Live Set to generate basslines, melodies and chords simultaneously.

I’m introducing the free MIDI effect racks in the video first (from 00:36). Next, we’ll examine how to generate basslines, melodies, and chords all at once while making them sound harmonious. For this, we’ll make use of Ableton Live’s versatile routing features. In addition, I offer advice on preventing generative chaos. Next, in order to produce more intriguing and varied chord progressions, we are investigating polymeters.

We’ll then explore using Follow Actions to add more variation to our MIDI output. Next, we’ll record the output into Arrangement View and choose the best parts using Ableton Live 11’s new comping feature. We can also make use of the new features Velocity Range and Probability, as well the long standing feature of automation.


SB GEN – Free Generative MIDI Effect Racks & Ableton Live Set

The zip file contains 3 fully mapped Ableton Live MIDI effect racks with included macro variations, as well as a Live Set to simultaneously generate basslines, melodies and chords.

Important Note: Ableton Live 11 Lite or up is required for the MIDI effect racks, Ableton Live 11 Standard or up for the Live Set.

If you have the means and would like to say thank you, I’d appreciate a small donation. Thank you!

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As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments below. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, please tell me in a comment as well.

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