M4L Note Echoes & Semi-Random Sequencer

Free MIDI Note Echoes & Semi-Random Sequencer

After a longer hiatus I’m reviving the video series With a Little Help from Max for Live and will hopefully be able to provide you with a monthly video from now on once again. This time we’re going to have

The Top 5 Video Tutorials on Sonic Bloom in 2021

The year 2021 is coming to a close (thank goodness). I thought we could take the time to look back at the video tutorials most watched on Sonic Bloom. Have a look if you’d missed them before and I hope

Free SB ReGenerators 2 (No. 65)

I must say I was surprised by the huge interest in the generative MIDI effect racks I made a few months ago. I’ve since experimented quite a bit more with generative racks and thought I’d share some of my results

Free SB ReGenerators (No. 63)

I’m currently teaching someone how to make generative music with Ableton Live. This has inspired me to a little challenge of my own. To create MIDI effect racks that generate notes in various ways. The result is SB ReGenerators. 3


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