6 Creative Ways to Use Comping in Ableton Live

Comping is the process of combining multiple takes of recording and selecting the best parts from each. This video tutorial will cover six unique and creative methods to apply comping. Of course, there are numerous other ways you can use it.

Before You Update Live Packs to Ableton Live 12

Ableton Live 12 was released yesterday, so if you have purchased the upgrade, you likely will or already have installed Live 12. In the browser, you will see an option at the bottom to update your Live Packs. While you

Ableton Live Insider Tips: Advanced Key Mapping

Between the two mapping modes, excluding Macro Mapping, the Key Mapping mode is less frequently used. However, it can be quite useful for making music or playing live. I share a little known trick and some tips to avoid pitfalls.

4 Ways to Add Text Notes to Ableton Live Sets

Do you want to add text notes to your Ableton Live Set for documentation, ideas, or to-dos? This video presents four options for jotting down text notes, including hacks and free devices.

Sound Design with Time-Stretching in Impulse

  Introduced in Ableton Live 4 as a companion device to Simpler for drums and percussion, Impulse has time-stretching capabilities that can be harnessed for sound design. Despite being one of the most ignored and neglected instruments in Ableton Live

How to Play Melodies with One Drum Pad in Ableton Live

This tutorial covers two methods for setting up a drum pad in a Drum Rack to play a melody, such as a bass line, alongside beats. This tip is especially helpful for those using Ableton Live with an electronic drum kit or as a controllerist using Push or a similar MIDI controller. However, this approach can also be used creatively in music productions.


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