Sound Design with Time-Stretching in Impulse

  Introduced in Ableton Live 4 as a companion device to Simpler for drums and percussion, Impulse has time-stretching capabilities that can be harnessed for sound design. Despite being one of the most ignored and neglected instruments in Ableton Live

Drift Live Pack – Freebie & Premium Versions Out Now

Over the last month or so I’ve carefully designed lots of presets for the new Drift synth included in Live 11.3. The result is a self-installing Live Pack with 64 presets total. 42 of them Drift presets, 22 Instrument Racks.

Ableton Live Drift - New Synth in 11.3

Ableton Live 11.3 In Depth Drift Synth Tutorial

Yesterday, Ableton went public with the Live 11.3 beta version. So if you’re registered as a beta tester you can now download it and try out its new features and improvements. The biggest news is the new subtractive synthesizer called

SynthieCat by Max for Cats

SynthieCat by Max for Cats Out Now & New Website Live

SynthieCat by Max for Cats was inspired by the EMS Synthi A model, an amazing synth released in 1971 with three oscillators and a unique patch system. The Max for Live Pack is available for Live 11 Suite.

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Church Pipe Organ Live Pack (No. 78)

With this free Live Pack I conclude the third instalment of the Mellotron Live Pack series. In total, I now have 23 different free Mellotron Live Packs available for you to download and use royalty free in your productions or

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Tenor Sax Live Pack (No. 77)

Once again, I’m back with another new free Live Pack for one of the sounds of the iconic Mellotron. It is a precursor of the sampler that first hit the market in the 60s and made it into various classics.

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Trombone Live Pack (No. 76)

Time to continue the third Mellotron Live Pack series. This time I have some lovely trombone presets for you to download for free. Use them as you please in your productions and live performances. As always, each note was individually

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Trumpet Live Pack (No. 75)

Another month, another free Live Pack of a Mellotron sound. The Mellotron, a keyboard precursor to the sampler, was made famous in classic hits like Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles or Space Oddity by David Bowie. This Live Pack

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Vibes Live Pack (No. 74)

A while ago, Taijiguy got in touch with me to let me know that he had sampled further tapes from his Mellotron. I finally got around to creating Simpler presets as well as Instrument Racks for each of the five

The Top 5 Video Tutorials on Sonic Bloom in 2021

The year 2021 is coming to a close (thank goodness). I thought we could take the time to look back at the video tutorials most watched on Sonic Bloom. Have a look if you’d missed them before and I hope


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