If you want to achieve a quality mix down before sending your track(s) to a mastering engineer, then a good mixing job is a must.

The Mixing Service is Suited for:

  • ‘Bedroom’ producers without a reliable listening environment
  • Artists in need of a fresh pair of ears to listen and mix their production
  • Musicians who aren’t as comfortable with mixing
  • Anyone in need to outsource the process

Why Mixing Services are Useful

If you self-produce your music, you spend innumerable hours listening to a track over and over again. You become used to how it sounds in your environment and over time your ears become ‘deaf’ to possible shortcomings in the mix.

As the composer of the song or track, it’s hard to listen objectively and make unbiased mixing decisions. So it’s always good to have someone else lend their ears and mixing expertise to get the best possible mix for your productions before they’re getting mastered.

To use this service, please send me a link to stereo mix downs of your tracks or songs as well as information on how they were recorded/produced first. I will listen to them and estimate the time needed to mix the track(s). The estimate will vary depending on the following factors:

You can simply send in the Live Project and I will begin mixing from there.

The stems of those tracks will have to be rendered. If you’ve used plugins on the return tracks, don’t forget to render them as well. I can send you a list of available plugins in my studio to limit unnecessary bounces.

You will need to send in the raw stems. I will then prepare a new Live project from scratch, which will add some extra time to the mixing process, and therefore might lead to a slightly higher estimate.

Mixing is 50 Euros per hour (approx. 53.16 USD) including VAT. A typical track takes between 2-4 hours to mix. Along with the estimate I will then send you further instructions on how to prepare your music so I can mix it most effectively. If you’d like several songs to be mixed at once, discounts are available on request. I also offer mastering services.

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