Before You Update Live Packs to Ableton Live 12

Ableton Live 12 was released yesterday, so if you have purchased the upgrade, you likely will or already have installed Live 12. In the browser, you will see an option at the bottom to update your Live Packs. While you

Ableton Live Insider Tips: Advanced Key Mapping

Between the two mapping modes, excluding Macro Mapping, the Key Mapping mode is less frequently used. However, it can be quite useful for making music or playing live. I share a little known trick and some tips to avoid pitfalls.

4 Ways to Add Text Notes to Ableton Live Sets

Do you want to add text notes to your Ableton Live Set for documentation, ideas, or to-dos? This video presents four options for jotting down text notes, including hacks and free devices.

How to Play Melodies with One Drum Pad in Ableton Live

This tutorial covers two methods for setting up a drum pad in a Drum Rack to play a melody, such as a bass line, alongside beats. This tip is especially helpful for those using Ableton Live with an electronic drum kit or as a controllerist using Push or a similar MIDI controller. However, this approach can also be used creatively in music productions.

Easily Swap Out All Instances of an Audio Sample – Ableton Insider Tips

Sometimes you might have used an audio file in multiple times in an arrangement in Ableton Live just to realise that the sound doesn’t quite fit anymore and you’d like to replace it. In this episode of the Ableton Live Insider Tips I show you a simple trick how you can swap out all of them at once.

Ableton Live Insider Tips: Visually Organise Places in the Browser

If you have a lot of folders added to Places in Ableton Live’s Browser, then it might become more difficult to spot what you’re looking for. So for this reason I’m sharing a trick on how to visually organise these folders better in this latest episode of the Ableton Insider Tips.

Ableton Live Quick Tips: Automatic Updates & How To Downgrade

In this episode of the Ableton Live Quick Tips, I show you how can stop Live from automatically updating completely or to ask beforehand, so you can do it manually instead. I also explain how you can downgrade Ableton Live in case an automatically updated new version is causing you issues.


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