Loop4Live: MIDI Foot Controller for Live Looping in Ableton Live

Loop4Live is a MIDI foot controller dedicated to Ableton Live developed by computer engineer and guitarist Aurélien Benoit, particularly created for any instrumentalist looking to launch and record audio and/or MIDI clips on the fly. The foot controller features a

Playfully Improve Your Finger Drumming with Melodics

I recently stumbled upon Melodics again, an desktop and iOS app that let you practise finger drumming. I’ve never been a fan of Guitar Hero and the likes, because I’m classically trained, and that stuff isn’t really for musicians, so

Fingertip MIDI – iOS App for Easy Playing in Key

By now there are countless key layouts at our disposal. Traditional ones like the piano roll or the layout in fourths (string instruments, e.g. the guitar) that require knowledge in music theory as well as modern ones created to make


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