Free Ableton Live Themes Set #2

So… I’ve been creating five new themes (fka skins) for Ableton Live 10 for you. Some lighter, some darker, some with only some sprinkles of colour amidst the greys, others with tinted greys. Hopefully at least one that fits your

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #1

When the Live 10 beta dropped, I got quite a few messages asking if the Live 9 skins would still work. They do, but the transport bar stays grey, which works okay for some skins, not so well for others.

Free Ableton Live Skins Set #11

I’m back with five brand new Ableton Live skins for you that, as usual, you can download for free (or for a donation in case you’d like to say thank you). The one called amber was requested by Sonic Bloom

5 Free Ableton Live Skins by Sonic Bloom Readers

As you probably already know, I’ve created a lot of free skins for Ableton Live over the years. They’re the most downloaded freebies of mine despite all the free Live Packs I’ve made. So I’ve gotten lots of comments and

Free Ableton Live Skins Set #10

It’s spring (even though it feels more like summer right here now) and I’ve been at it again. I have five freshly designed Ableton Live skins ready for you to download. They’re a mix of lighter and darker skins. The

Sonic Bloom Ableton Live Skins Mega Pack (50 Free Skins)

By now, I’ve released a lot of free skins for Ableton Live. 47 to be exact. In the last few months, I’ve gone over all of them individually and improved them, as there are so many details to consider. Different

How to Make Your Own Ableton Live Skins

I also have a tutorial to make your own themes for Live 10 or 11. I’m quite often asked how you can make your own skins for Ableton Live or if I could make a very specific one. Now Sonic

5 New Skins to Freshen Up Ableton Live (#8)

It’s spring, so high time for some fresh new looks. Yes, this means, there are five new skins for Ableton Live. No greys this time around, but mostly discreet, retro colours. The skins are optimised for Live 9, but will

5 Dark Ableton Live Skins for Free (#7)

If you’re up for some new skins for Ableton Live, I’ve got 5 new ones you might like. They’re all mid to dark, often greys or off-greys with bits of colour. The skins are optimised for Live 9, but will

5 Free New Skins for Ableton Live (#6)

New Ableton Live skins anyone? These five new skins are all based on various neutral dark greys, each one with sprinkles of colour. My current favourite of them is ‘turquoise’. The skins are optimised for Live 9, but will work


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