Free Ableton Live Skins Set #11

I’m back with five brand new Ableton Live skins for you that, as usual, you can download for free (or for a donation in case you’d like to say thank you). The one called amber was requested by Sonic Bloom reader Pablo Smith. So if there is a colour scheme you’d like to have as a skin, drop me an email and if I find it feasible, I might turn it into a skin eventually.

This pack contains two dark skins, one medium dark and two lighter ones. Hopefully something for every taste.

You can find even more skins here. If you don’t know how to install new skins, here’s a quick tutorial.

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11 Responses

  1. You are amazing Madeleine. Passion for something greater than ourselves is what makes life worth living!

  2. Thank you so much for the special requested Amber skin Madeleine! It’s very appreciated, and pretty gorgeous to look at at night. The other skins are very nice as well, I especially like the Bondi one, great cold blue tones for night work. Thanks again!

  3. Madeleine, Thanks! I didn’t even know that one can do that. My eyes get tired always looking at the same thing. ^_ ^

  4. Hi! I’ve just installed the Live 10 update, and unfortunately your great colour schemes don’t seem to be usable anymore. A great shame, because I loved the aesthetics of several of yours. They were a great way to make Live feel new every so often.

    Will you be able to make them for Live 10, or is that kind of modification impossible so far?

    1. They are still usable, but have to copied into a folder called Themes in the same parent folder as before. The control bar stays grey, no matter what the colour scheme though. It fits okay with some, not so much with others. I would have to redo everything from scratch, as the format was changed in Live 10. Not sure I want to redo them, but I will certainly make new ones.

    1. It is free. If you’re too stupid to read and simply add a 0 in the field, then I can’t help you. The plus is there, so that people who would like to donate a bit of money can do so.

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