Free Ableton Live Themes Set #4

It’s the holiday season, a time for presents and hopefully some downtime, which might translate into some more time for music. So I’ve got a little present for you as well. A new set of free themes for Live 10, so you can look at a freshly coloured UI. There from very light to dark grey, always with some colour of course.

Get more free themes. You can still download the Live 9 skins. If you don’t know how to install them, have a look at this tutorial, and if you’d like to create your own themes, I’ve got a tutorial for that as well.

Happy holidays!

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One Response

  1. Thank you so much Madeleine for all these great free Live themes/skins that you keep creating over the years! Great work, always exited when I see new themes created by you 🙂

    Happy holidays!

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