Ableton Live Quick Tips: Transposing by an Octave in Live Devices

It’s time for another quick tip to help you speed up your workflow. In this video tutorial, we’ll explore all the devices in Ableton Live that allow you to quickly transpose certain parameters by an octave. All with a simple key command. While this hidden feature can definitely save you time in the long run, the parameters for which it works aren’t quite as consistent as we’d like.

For a start, it doesn’t work in all Live devices, and the names of the parameters it does work on can be quite different. They can be called Transpose, Pitch, Pitch Transpose, Range, Semi, Shift or even Tune. So let’s have a look at which devices allow you to transpose an octave and which parameters it applies to.

Just one note: make sure to have scale awareness off in the devices that have this feature in Live 12 or you’ll transpose by 12 scale degrees and not an octave.

Watch the Video



00:00 Intro
00:21 Collision
00:34 Drift
00:41 Impulse
00:50 Meld
01:00 Operator
01:09 Sampler
01:15 Simpler
01:23 Wavetable
01:37 Shifter
01:53 Spectral Resonator
02:00 Chord
02:08 Note Echo
02:13 Pitch
02:37 Scale

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions, or want to submit a tutorial request.

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