Sonic Bloom Array Mbira: The Grand of Thumb Pianos Live Pack

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first premium Live Pack (and free version – download below) for Ableton Live 9.7 Intro and up. For this, I’ve sampled my favourite acoustic instrument, the array mbira. I discovered the

CatStretch 3 out now

CatStretch 3 Out Now

CatStretch is an amazing sound design tool that I’ve been using for pretty much every song since it was first released. It is a 6-voice polyphonic time-stretching sample playback instrument that essentially lets you ‘freeze’ a sonic character at a

Free SB Creaks & Squeaks Live Pack (No. 61)

It’s been quite a while since the last free Live Pack from me. This one draws from my trusty sound library again. The free SB Creaks & Squeaks Live Pack contains one Drum Rack and one Instrument Rack made from

CV Tools: Integrate your Modular with Ableton Live

Last week Ableton announced a free beta Live Pack named CV Tools containing ten devices for Live 10 Suite that generate and receive Pitch, Control, Clock and Trigger CV right in time for Superbooth. Several other Certified Trainers and me

Free SB Salty Psaltery Live Pack (No. 60)

A while ago I did a little music project with someone else and she brought a psaltery, a harp-like instrument, over to my studio. It wasn’t fully tuned, so we agreed to use it more for percussion and interesting haunting

Free SB Frog Drums Live Pack (No. 59)

By now, I’m fairly well known for my quirky free Live Packs. I’ve got another one for you, and it’s based on the sound of… frogs. Yes, you’ve read that right. It’s based on frog croaks, contains a Drum Rack, and

Grab the New Max for Cats Synth Free

Only this weekend, the new synth by Max for Cats will be available for free, until Sunday at 11.59 pm CET to be exact. After this, it will be available for its regular price of EUR 49/USD 53. The synth,

Free SB Clicks & Pops Live Pack (No. 58)

The free SB Clicks & Pops Live Pack is yet another one based on sounds from my own library. The name reflects the source samples, namely clicks and pops. I recorded them ages ago, when I was still using Fruity

Free SB Machines Live Pack (No. 57)

I’m currently working on a collaboration with a good friend. For our first song together, we rummaged through my sound library under Machines and Mechanical. It inspired this free Live Pack that includes two racks, one Drum Rack, one Instrument


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