Free MIDI Note Echoes & Semi-Random Sequencer

After a longer hiatus I’m reviving the video series With a Little Help from Max for Live and will hopefully be able to provide you with a monthly video from now on once again. This time we’re going to have a look at three free and intriguing Max for Live MIDI effects. Two are rather refreshing takes on MIDI note echoes and one’s a fun semi random note sequencer.



This Max for Live MIDI effect was created by Zack Steinkamp. It offers you the possibility to create complex geometric scaled patterns – applying fractals via Javascript – in the form of MIDI note echoes. Set the amount of iterations, so echo taps, time scale, velocity decay and note increments for transposition of the echoes. There are also parameters for note length, note length decay, and iteration note offset. The display shows a beautiful graphic representation of the set parameters.

Download fractalNoteEcho for free

Live Pack used with fractalNoteEcho: Easel Weasel 2 Live Pack (No. 49)


This is another note echo Max for Live MIDI effect made by Zack Steinkamp. The delay time uses Fibonacci number multiples that strongly relate to the golden ratio. The diplay gives a visualisation of relative time between echoes (horizontal position of circles, starting on the left), relative velocity (size of circle), and pitch (colour).

Download fibonacciNoteEcho for free

Live Pack used with fibonacciNoteEcho: Vocal Synth Live Pack (No. 13)

Tombola Sequencer

This fun Max for Live MIDI effect by Joel Powell is a recreation of the OP-1’s Tombola sequencer for Ableton Live. Playing MIDI notes drops up to 64 balls into the tombola. You can adjust speed, mass (bounciness) and gravity to affect how often the balls bounce around. Changing the shape makes it possible to “lose” balls.

Download Tombola Sequencer for free

Live Pack used with Tombola Sequencer: Flageolet Live Pack (No. 5)

Let me know which one of the effects you like best and if you’re planning on using them somewhere in your music production or live performance and how.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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  1. Imagine my delight when I saw two of my devices here! Fibonacci Note Echo and Fractal Note Echo were two of my first M4L devices.

    I’m happy to hear any suggestions, feedback, or help with problems with any of them.

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