With a Little Help from Max for Live: Inspired by Nature – Vector Grain & Vector Delay

It’s been a while since the last episode of With a Little Help from Max for Live. I’m back now with a four part mini series on two new free Live Packs for Live 11 – Inspired by Nature and PitchLoop89. In this first episode we’re going to check out Vector Grain and Vector Delay, both part of the Inspired by Nature Live Pack by Dillon Bastan.

Vector Grain, a Max for Live MIDI instrument, is a granular looper. Vector Delay, as the name already suggests, is an audio effect, a multitap delay. Both devices feature a particle system with each particle being a visual representation of an individual voice or delay line. Now let’s have a look what we can do with them.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

Part 2 looks at Vector FM and Bouncy Notes, part 3 at Emit and Tree Tone, the other devices in the Inspired by Nature Pack. Part 4 is about PitchLoop89 by Robert Henke.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you’re welcome to let me know in the comments below.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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