With a Little Help from Max for Live: PitchLoop89

Last, but most certainly not least, in this fourth part of the mini series within With a Little Help from Max for Live we’re taking a look at PitchLoop89. The Max for Live audio effect was developed in collaboration with Robert Henke and is inspired by an early digital effects processor – the Publison DHM 89.

Part 1 to 3 are exploring the six devices included in the Inspired by Nature Live Pack, also free by Ableton for Live 11. Part 1 (Vector Grain & Vector Delay), part 2 (Vector FM & Bouncy Notes) and part 3 (Emit & Tree Tone).

PitchLoop89 is a fantastic stereo pitch shifting delay that uses the digital equivalent of a tape loop with one head for recording and two moving heads for playback to achieve pitch shifting. It offers you a a huge variety of sound possibilities – from shaky glitch effects to delayed digital shimmer and fancy vibrato. We’re going to explore it on different sound and going through all its features together , so let’s jump right in.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

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This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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