With a Little Help from Max for Live: Transpose the Whole Live Set

In this episode of With a Little Help from Max for Live we’re going to check out a free Max for Live bundle with only one real function. The possibility to change the pitch of all MIDI clips in the Live Set or just in specific tracks on the fly.

This is ideal for live performances, but can also be useful when you’ve composed a great track and later realise it needs to be repitched for you or someone else to be able to sing on top of it or to add a particular sample that requires a different key. Master Pitch is made by killihu and available for free. There’s also a variation called Remote Pitch as requested by a Reddit user that worth checking out that allows for transposition groups.

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

Download Master Pitch by killihu

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This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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