6 Ableton Push MIDI Remote Script Mods

You probably already know that I like hacks and mods. Recently I was sent a MIDI remote script for Push 2’s User Mode, so I thought I’d compile an article with the available user hacks for Ableton Push to round things off.

Push2UserModeScript by Aleksander Olav

Aleksander Olav has created his own Control Surface for the User Mode of Push 2, which he’s sharing for everyone to use or even modify. The buttons above and below the display arm or select the respective track, the encoders control the macro controls of the selected track (buggy). The top half of the pads is for clip launching, the bottom half for drum pads. There are a few issues with the script, but it’s still worth having a look. It’s also possible to adjust the script to your own needs.

Download Push2UserModeScript

Ubermap by Tom Duncalf (Push 1 & 2)

Ubermap, another script for Ableton Live, allows Push users to create custom parameter mappings for VST and AU plugins on the Push display with the help of the Options.txt file. It seems it never made it past the alpha release, which is rather for advanced users. So if you want to try it, make a backup beforehand.

Download Ubermap

Isotonik PrEditor (Push 1 & 2)

If you’d like the same kind of functionality and lots of additional features, but without any worry of breaking things, there’s also PrEditor, a set of MIDI remote scripts programmed by Sigabort, available at Isotonik Studios. You can create your own default mappings for all Live devices, Max for Live devices and plug-ins, all that in up to 64 banks for each, rename the parameters for the Push display and much, much more. And not just for Ableton Push.

Isotonik PrEditor is available for GBP 26

nativeKONTROL PXT-Live (Push 1 only)

This MIDI remote script offers three so called matrix modes for the pad section, seven encoder modes, that give access to different controls in Ableton Live, as well as a bunch of additional features.

nativeKONTROL PXT-Live is available for Push 1 for USD 19.50

nativeKONTROL Arsenal_PS1 (Push 1 only)

This script uses the user mode of Push 1 and doesn’t interfere with any of the automatic mappings. It comes with two modes for the pad section and four for the encoders. Additional modes are available in premium packs, of which a total of eight can be used at once for both pads and encoders.

nativeKONTROL Arsenal_PS1 is available for Push 1 for USD 15

nativeKONTROL Arsenal_PS2 (Push 2 only)

This is the version for Push 2 with two modes for the pad section, 2 for the encoders. More modes, eight of which can be used at once for both, are available in further premium packs.

nativeKONTROL Arsenal_PS2 is available for Push 2 for USD 2.50

And of course, there are the Push 1 colour schemes I made over the years.

If you want to create your own Push script or adjust one of the above listed mods, you can make use of the full specification for Push 2 that Ableton have released to the public. Or if you don’t know any Python, you can use the web app Remotify to make it possible without any coding skills.

Anything to add or ask? Leave a comment below.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this.

    Do you think there’s any way with these or other scripts to temporarily re-purpose the 64 matrix pads as VST Instrument preview/loading browser for Kontakt, Maschine, etc? I’m thinking multiple pages of 64 instantly accessible (and color-coded) instruments would be a great workflow addition…

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