Glitch 2 by Illformed – Now also for OS X & Linux

One of my favourite plug-ins when I was still producing on a Windows machine was dblue Glitch. Now the plug-in has been revamped and is also available for Mac OS X and even Linux. In 32- and 64-bit. It’s no longer free, but Glitch 2 comes packed with new features.



  • 128 scenes per program that can be triggered via MIDI notes
  • unique sequencer pattern, timing and effect settings for each scene
  • multi-lane sequencer for the use of multiple simultaneous effects
  • improved timing sequencer
  • intuitive pattern editor with drag & drop


  • 9 effect modules: Modulator, Tape stop, Retrigger, Reverse, Stretcher, Lofi, Distortion, Gater, Delay
  • easily selectable tempo synchronicity in effects
  • filter, mix, pan, and volume controls on each module to fine tune
  • Mutate for minor variations or Randomize almost everywhere possible

Glitch 2 is available for EUR 49.95 (plus VAT), for which you will receive all updates for free and you can use the plug-in unlimited on all platforms. A demo version is also available, which is not limited in time, but no settings are stored and it periodically adds some noise.

Here you can download the demo version or purchase Glitch 2.

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