Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

If you don’t know what a Mellotron is… It’s a electromechanical tape keyboard from the 1960s that was popularised by bands such as the Beatles (Strawberry Fields Forever), Genesis, King Crimson or Moody Blues. Discontinued in 1986, the usage of the instrument by bands like Radiohead or Air led he original manufacturer Streetly Electronics to resurrect it in 2007 with the M4000.

As the name of the bundle indicates, there are already two more SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundles that you can get for free. The first one contains 10 Live Packs, the second 8. This third bundle consists of five Live Packs, each containing a Simpler preset and four macro-mapped Instrument Racks. The Live Packs included in this bundle contain samples of the individual notes, kindly provided by Taijiguy from his own M4000 model.

Each Live Pack is self-installing and was created in and for Ableton Live 9.7 (and up).

If you are instead looking for the samples as wav files, you can also download them for free (Mellotron Samples #1, #2 and #3).

SB Mellotron Vibes Live Pack (No. 74)

The Live Pack contains a Simpler preset as well as four fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks. One with controls to add reverb, a distorted one, a heavily degraded one as well as one with sparkly delays.

SB Mellotron Trumpet Live Pack (No. 75)

This Live Pack also comes with a Simpler preset as well as four fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks. The first simply adding macro mappings for the enclosed reverb once again. One’s good for glitchy sounds featuring a delay. The next one makes the trumpet sound more metallic, and allows you to quickly bring in a filter sweep. The last Instrument Rack moves the trumpet around in the stereo field in a chorus-y way.

SB Mellotron Trombone Live Pack (No. 76)

Again, a Simpler preset as well as four fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks are included. One making it easy to add just the right amount of reverb you want. The second Rack gives you a modern sounding electro brassy synth. Instrument Rack three offers you phaser-y resonant goodness. Instrument Rack number four combines the classic modulation effects with arpeggiation. Ideal for jamming and adding trombone phrases on the fly.

SB Mellotron Tenor Sax Live Pack (No. 77)

This Live Pack contains a Simpler preset as well as four fully macro-mapped Instrument Racks, just like the others. The first one has macro mapped controls to make adding the perfect amount of reverb quick and efficient. Instrument Rack number two adds shimmery tones with the help of chorus, filtering and reverb. The next one provides you a saturated delay sound to the tenor sax, which makes it great for low parts and basslines. Furthermore, the last one gives the woodwind a spaced out feel.

SB Mellotron Church Pipe Organ Live Pack (No. 78)

The fifth and last of the Live Packs in this bundle also contains a Simpler preset as well as four macro-mapped Instrument Racks. Number one lets you control the amount of reverb to be added. The second of the Instrument Racks gives the church pipe organ a kind of 80s vibe. The third one offers an electro style sound plus the ability to dial in some stereo panning effects. The last Instrument Rack makes the organ sound like a swarm of angry wasps.

To install, just double-click the alp-files. They are all self-installing Live Packs and after the installation can be found under the Packs section in Live’s browser. The individual presets are also shown in the respective categories under Instruments.

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