Free Max for Live Pack Gratis Hits by Max for Cats at Ableton

Christian Kleine a.k.a. Max for Cats has been a busy bee, or should I say cat. Another week, another release, it seems. This time it’s the Max for Live Pack “Gratis Hits” with five devices that you can download for free at Ableton.

The “Gratis Hits” Live Pack contains:

  • Bertha 2 – an organ/additive synth hybrid
  • XY Gesture Audio and MIDI – record mouse gestures as automation
  • Anti-Warp – loop unwarped clips in the Session View
  • MIDI Monitor – display in- and outgoing MIDI messages in Live

Check out the video:

Download the “Gratis Hits” Live Pack from Ableton

Max for Cats devices directly here at Sonic Bloom:

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2 Responses

  1. Danke!
    schönes Pack!

    Der XY-Gesture ist klasse!
    wäre super, wenn man mehrere Gestures speichern und per one-knob abrufen kann

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