List All Plug-Ins & Max for Live Devices Used in Live Set – With a Little Help from Max for Live

Someone recently asked me if there was a Max for Live or similar device that would automatically create a list of all the plug-ins you’ve used in a Live Set. Turns out there are two. In the following video I’ll show you the more advanced of the two, called Device Lister. It was created by Max for Live developer Rivanni and it’s free.

If you tend to use a lot of plug-ins or Max for Live devices in your Live Sets, you run the risk that they won’t work in newer versions of Ableton Live. Having a list of the plug-ins and Max for Live devices you use can be very useful if you need or want to upgrade your operating system or Ableton Live itself. This way you’ll know which Live Sets you might want to bounce or freeze and flatten before upgrading and losing some of your work.

Watch the Video:


Instead of just listing the plug-ins in your Live Set, you can choose to list plug-ins, Max for Live devices and/or Live devices. There’s also the option to list whether it’s a track, device, chain, etc., as well as the type, e.g. VST instrument, AU audio effect or Max MIDI effect. All the information is neatly arranged by track, including return tracks and the main track (previously called the master track). At the top of the list is the name and file path of the Live Set. The whole list can then be saved as a simple text file wherever you like. I’d recommend saving it in the Live Project folder of your Live Set.

If you’re having problems with the device, please contact the developer.

The theme used in the video is called Gobo and is part of the free Ableton Live 12 Theme Set No. 2 (Retro).

Let me know if you find this Max for Live device useful. If you’re looking for a specific feature that’s not available in Live itself, you can also leave a comment below for a future video and post. There’s always a chance that a developer has already made it into a Max for Live device that you can get for free.

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