Max for Cats: More Great Max for Live Devices on Ableton and Sonic Bloom

Last week, two Max for Live MIDI effects by Max for Cats came out on Sonic Bloom. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s more from Christian Kleine’s outlet now on Ableton and here as well with the MIDI effect called Note Trap.

Both of the synthesisers – DiGiTAL and Ensemble – will be available for 29 EUR. Currently you can even get them for 30% off, that’s 20 EUR per pack. You also get 30% off for all packs on Ableton. That is, until June 13.


Digital, an advanced polyphonic synth, combines additive, wavetable, frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis all in one. DiGiTAL is distinctly designed for creating new sounds and provides a comprehensive set of controls expressly for this purpose.

Have a listen:

More information on DiGiTAL on Ableton’s website.


Ensemble is a Max for Live string synthesiser with a unique built-in morphing formant filter. It’s modelled after the classic 70s string machines and also includes chorus and phaser effects which can be used separately.

Have a listen:

More information on Ensemble on Ableton’s website.

Note Trap

Note trap is a free Max for Cats MIDI effect which lets you create musical patterns in various musical scales and modes. The pattern can be run in sync or free to your Live Set, you can set the velocity data, the direction and more. It’s ideal to add some minimalism and/or serialism to your music.

Note Trap by Max for Cats

Download the free Note Trap

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