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One of the most ultimate resources for all things Ableton Live. From online lessons for Live and Push to tips, tricks, freebies and beyond. Madeleine Bloom’s website and blog are a jewel. A truly feature packed site & blog for the Ableton enthusiasts.
Kristian Haapasalo, CloudBounce
I think Sonic Bloom should be the official Ableton blog instead.
Kristian Pedersen, Musician
The site is run by Madeleine Bloom, who is former Ableton Tech Support! Beyond the skins you will find a bunch of other free downloads and a boat load of great tutorials!
The Max for Cats stuff and training here is top-notch. Madeleine Bloom’s Sonic Bloom is simply one of the richest resources for Ableton and Max knowledge online, full stop.
Zuzana Friday Prikrylova, Create Digital Music
If you’re using Ableton Live, you simply need to know about Sonic Bloom. It’s like a spa-slash-university for your Live-using self: you’ll come out refreshed, smarter, and even a bit better looking. There are few places to find this kind of in-depth knowledge.
Sonic Bloom is a must read. Created by Madeleine Bloom, a former Ableton tech support employee, Sonic Bloom always has something really nice to offer. Whether it's free Live Packs, tutorials, or unique Max for Live devices (Chord Memorizer anyone?), Madeleine will no doubt keep your inspiration levels high.
Written from a true musicians perspective the blog should be required reading for everyone and the depth of material already written will take you a long while to work through! Add them to your favourites and check back regularly as they often catch things others miss…
Darren Cowley, Isotonik Studios

Sonic Bloom is an unparalleled resource for unique insights into creating music with Ableton Live. Who better to have showing you the ropes than a former Ableton Tech Support guru?

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