With a Little Help from Max for Live: PitchLoop89

Last, but most certainly not least, in this fourth part of the mini series within With a Little Help from Max for Live we’re taking a look at PitchLoop89. The Max for Live audio effect was developed in collaboration with

Abyss: Free Audio Effect of Doom by Max for Cats

Abyss is a Max for Live device, which lets you forward any input signal into the abyss. The result is an ominous, gory and hellish version of your original input signal. Use with extrem caution and only if you have


LiveScore: Free Max for Live Bundle for Music Notation

There may be a time when you need to create sheet music for your own composition. Unfortunately this feature isn’t built into Ableton Live. If you have Max for Live, there is the now free LiveScore by Nick Didkovsky and


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