Video Tutorials from Cycling ’74 – Using the Live 9 Mono Sequencer

Cycling ’74 has begun a new series of video tutorials. This time, the focus is on how Max for Live devices included in the Live 9 Suite can be used. The first two videos deal with the Mono Sequencer.

Live 9 Mono Sequencer – Episode 1

Live 9 Mono Sequencer – Episode 2

Live 9 Mono Sequencer – Episode 3

Live 9 Mono Sequencer – Episode 4

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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2 Responses

  1. I gotta say, Max for Live in Live 9 is just incredible. It generally only gets mentioned in one blurb, under the list of new features, but that one new feature has about 20,000 awesome features inside of it! Love it!

    1. Yes, I also noticed how little they market it. It’s strange, because it allows you to do so many brilliant things even if you can’t programme with Max.

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