Ableton Live Insider Tips – S is for Save (Video Tutorial)

This week’s ‘Ableton Live Insider Tip’ is a helpful one when it comes to getting a faster workflow either when quitting Live or switching between Live Sets. It’s simple, but not everyone knows about it. So here is the video:

English Version:

Deutsche Version:

Anything to ask or add? Or if you would like to watch a tutorial on something specific, let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. It works, but it’s depends of your language keyboards prefs, for example for a froggish french (as me!): “don’t save (Ne pas sauver)” shortcut is N / “cancel (Annuler) ” is A / “save (Sauver)” is the same “S”. To try with other language like deutsch.
    Have a good day. TschüB
    is for … ?

  2. Yes, it indeed depends on the language. In French and German it’s the same (if you switch the language on this site to German, there’s the German tutorial). Not that good in French though anymore.

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