M4L MIDI Live Looper – Looping on the Fly on MIDI Tracks

I’m always on the lookout for interesting new Max for Live devices. Plus I like things that improve your workflow so nothing gets in the way when you’re feeling inspired. MIDI Clip Looper is a M4L device that allows you to do live looping with MIDI Clips in Live 9. On the fly. Without a click or an initially set tempo. And it’s free.


  • Loop without click or quantise. Tempo and bar length will be set based on the first MIDI clip loop.
  • Store up to 8 loops and switch between them at will.
  • Duplicate the current playing clip to the next clip slot.
  • Quantise the recorded MIDI clip.
  • Modular – add the device to each track you want to Live Loop with.
  • Arm track using MIDI toggle switch (e.g. AkaiMPK49).

Watch the video tutorial:

Download the MIDI Clip Looper (requires Live 9 and Max 6.1).

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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7 Responses

  1. wirklich,einer der genialsten M4l-Devices, die bis jetzt testen konnte. Gerade das Midi-Editing ist manchmal ein ziemlich beraubender Zeitfaktor, der zumindest meine Muse, schnell kaputt machen kann. Die ersten Iden, haben meistens die größte Magie, & so kann man die einzelnen Clips spontan varierien,was mehr Spass macht als die geplanten oder zufälligen Follow Actions. ;D Danke Medeleine

    1. Ich fand auch super, wie der Workflow dadurch schneller wird, so dass man im Flow und damit inspiriert bleiben kann, wenn’s grad läuft. Nichts ist fieser, als den Faden zu verlieren, weil man zwischendurch unnötig Sachen einstellen muss.

  2. This is a serious question and not trying to bad mouth.. but how is this better than Live Session ? From what I saw on the video, you can do all those kind of modulations/automations in Session view. This would be cool on a Midi pedal, linking to live Session view. Maybe I’m not seeing the point.


    1. It uses the Session View functions, but speeds up the workflow quite a bit. It should be no problem using a MIDI pedal as a controller. Have you tried it?

    2. I agree with you. I do an entirely live looped show in Live, and I can play around with pitch bend/modulation/other effects in real time in live as well. (and i can also record said effects in Live 9 thanks to clip automation availability).

      from what i can tell, the things that this really does differently is it a) let’s you not need a dedicated controller for the clip recording/launching (AKA an APC20/40), and instead lets you use the keyboard + pedal combo, and b) it gives you some easy functions for duplicating/quantizing/etc.

      the one thing that really intrigues me personally about this is the setting a tempo/bar-length/etc. without having to set it at all. if that algorithm is done really well (AKA i can just start jamming and this patch will somehow figure out exactly what tempo i’m going at), that would be killer. it would make transitioning from one tempo to another on a whim be super easy.

  3. wow… I’ve been waiting for this to exist in ableton since it first came out. I remember buying Live 3 because I thought I could do this. and 10 years later it’s still not a part of the software, it was made using a 3rd party plugin by a user. thank you. I will buy max for live just to use this. if I could just get an audio version of this going at the same time with 0 latency or MIDI clock drift, I would be unstoppable

  4. Hi Madeleine, thisissami , Taal Mala

    Thanks for posting this! I made this device, so happy to answer any questions about it (deutsch oder englisch). 🙂

    There are 2 main benefits for me (compared to using standard session view workflow and buttons).

    1. I can start without a metronome (like using the audio looper). You hit start, play, then hit stop, and the patch will assume you played in 4/4 and then calculate the tempo, and scale/re-arrange the midi notes to fit this new tempo (so you can add other clips in sync afterwards).

    2. I find the midi clip store/recall system in my patch easier than navigating a session with a grid controller (push/launchpad). If I make a mistake, then I hit NEW for a new scene, I will have wasted one row/scene on my grid controller, and I don’t know that that clip is a ‘dud’. My patch let’s you store the currently playing clip as a ‘good loop’ that you can easily jump back to.

    More performance focused devices coming soon
    see: http://www.sharp7.co.uk

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