5 Interesting Free Max for Live MIDI Effects

Today I’ve picked out five free Max for Live MIDI effects that were released recently, and that are fairly simple with not too many features, but the ones they have, add something to Live and make it better or more fun.

Toggle to Gate

This simple device by Freddy Frogs enables you to transform 8 note messages to a momentary/gate behaviour sliding to the maximum of the parameter when pressed and back down to the minimum when let go. 8 Solo buttons are also mappable to achieve the same behaviour.

Gravity Delay

This Max for Live MIDI effect was created by LDMDesign, and is a polyphonic bouncing ball MIDI delay. You can set the time interval for the first bounce, the gravity level, the final velocity value and more.

Polynom PSK

Programmed by MrPreskovik, Polynom Psk is inspired by Bitwig’s Polynom device. It feeds your modulation parameters into mathematical formulas to achieve sophisticated and flexible transformations.


Contact is a Max for Live MIDI sequencer by fuse, that uses the binary code of the Arecibo message to create rhythmic patterns. Great to use for various drum pads in a Drum Rack.


This device was made by pATCHES and allows for guitar-like strums across held notes using the modwheel of your preferred MIDI controller. It has two independent modes and requires Live 10.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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