MK16-185 Sequencer – Free Max for Live 16 Step Sequencer

You might be familiar with Nico Starke’s “ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer”. Now there’s an updated version of it available for free. The most notable change in the MK16-185 Sequencer are the 16 steps instead of 8, an often requested feature.


Added features:

  • On/Off-Button
  • MIDI-Through on main interface
  • Save and load presets which will be stored into the Live project
  • 1/4 Timing
  • 16 Knob Stages
  • Randomise and Clear for all settings (excluding division)
  • Adjust the range for randomising
  • Switch between semitones and MIDI-notes
  • New Interface

Download the MK16-185 Sequencer

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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