DEKOBOKO凸凹FX by Art Frequencies: Max for Live Step Sequenced Stereo Filter & Degrader

DEKOBOKO凸凹FX, a Max for Live audio effect by Tokyo based Art Frequencies, combines stereo state variable filters controlled by a step sequencer with up to 32 steps for both left and right outputs, as well as a degrader. This versatile effect is free until August 30.

Watch the demo video:


The UI has a very sleek and clear design, the way a click on the logo button in the middle reveals the step sequencer and the LFO modulation parameters. 3 independent LFOs with 5 types of waveforms, each working in Sync or Frequency mode to control the filter frequency, resonance, and sample rate, allow to create rather complex rhythmic patterns.

Additionally, you can create up to 10 different patterns for the step sequencer and the LFOs. Apart from stereo filter frequency and resonance as well as sample rate which are controlled by the patterns, everything  can be MIDI or key mapped. This lets you step through all the patterns and get even more variation, which makes it a great effect for live performances and DJ sets.

It works well with all kinds of sounds, too. Beats, melodic or harmonic material. DEKOBOKO凸凹FX can help make any one bar loop sound more interesting and varied.

DEKOBOKO凸凹FX is available from Art Frequencies and is free until August 30.

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