Play Push Like an Omnichord with Free Max for Live MIDI Effect OmniPush

OmniPush makes use of the Push touch strip to sort of strum a glissando of notes as it is possible on the Suzuki Omnichord. This Max for Live MIDI effect was exactly what I was looking for when preparing my new live performance setup and it works beautifully.


You can choose between the Freehand and Scale modes. Freehand Mode allows you to play a chord with your right hand on the pads of Push, while strumming multiple octave with the left hand on the touch strip. Scale Mode allows you to strum with the touch strip only, by choosing the root and scale and/or by playing a root note or chord, which changes the menu to the played root note or chord.

Additional features are added fifths, note length and velocity adjustment (of glissando notes), and the possibility to play through or silence the right hand chord.

Download OmniPush

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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