Free Max for Live MIDI Effect Automat – Recall Settings by Clip Names

For those of you regularly following this blog, the look of this free Max for Live device might seem familiar. It’s also made by Benniy Bascom, the one who made the fantastic Polyrhythmus. Automat lets you recall any parameter settings in your Live Set by simply naming your clip according to its presets.

This is a quicker and easier way than using envelopes and is often perfect when switching to the next part of a song or track.


  • When first mapped, Automat uses your current parameter values
  • Works on all mappable parameters throughout your live-set
  • Values can be freely copied and pasted
  • Works even if you rearrange tracks, devices etc.

How it works:

  1. Map up to 12 parameters
  2. Adjust your parameters on up to 12 presets
  3. Recall these presets via the clip name, e.g. “1 name” and/or map them to your controller

Watch the tutorial video:

Download Automat

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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