New horror sound library Sick 3: Dark Places

One day too late for Halloween, but still noteworthy is a new sound library from Soundiron called Sick 3: Dark Places. It’s aimed at sound designers, re-recording mixers, film-makers, game designers, post-production specialists as well as anyone who makes industrial, dark eerie or horror themed music.

It contains 16 flexible and intuitive Kontakt presets with 175 professional soundscapes and is a massive 4.5 GB big. All presets come with a range of automatable EQ, Reverb and sound-shaping tools integrated into the custom GUI. It also includes a collection of 335 live stereo convolution reverb impulse response files captured in a wide range of remote horror-friendly environments, including bunkers, prisons, waterfronts, graveyards, forests, chambers, warehouses, sewers and more. Ideal for evoking the dark, eerie and scary on other instruments or sound design. The guys at Soundiron even programmed the recorded impulses into playable percussive kits.

Sick 3: Dark Places is on sale now for only $59 until November 7 at Soundiron.

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