M4L Timer Devices for Sound Installations

The combination of Ableton Live and Max for Live offers very interesting solutions for sound installations, e.g. triggered audio events. In this post, I’ll introduce you to two devices that allow you to time certain events making them both perfect tools for installations.

Timed faded in/out events with Exhibition.Master

The first one, by Robert Henke a.k.a. Monolake, is called Exhibition.Master and already is a few years old. It allows you to automatically start the transport of Live at a set daytime fading in the audio signal of its chain or track. At a later specified point in time it fades out those tracks again as well as stops transport. It can only trigger the first scene, so it’s best used in Arrangement View.

It’s available for Live 8, but it should work with Live 9 as well.

Download Exhibition.Master

Timed Scene Launch with ‘Fire Scene At Set Time’

The second one by the Berlin based company Aconica, is new and aptly named ‘Fire Scene At Set Time’. It does exactly what it proclaims. You can choose scenes and corresponding times at which they should be triggered. One scene at a time.

It’s available for both Live 8 and Live 9 and is intended for the use with Session View. The patch itself is well-documented, so if you’re currently learning Max for Live, it’s worth a look for reverse-engineering.

Download ‘Fire Scene At Set Time’

Watch the introduction to ‘Fire Scene At Set Time’:

Although both devices are timers, their approach and usage differ quite a bit from each other. So depending on the installation you’ve planned one of them will most likely be the right choice for you.

This way for heaps more Max for Live devices & tips.

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