Free SB Mellotron Samples

Since I was asked quite often if the samples of the Mellotron Live Packs were also available on their own, I’m releasing them today for everyone to use. In case, you don’t know what a Mellotron is, it’s an electro-mechanical, polyphonic tape replay keyboard from 1963 that the Beatles made popular by using it in their song “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

The SB Mellotron Samples contain woodwinds, various strings and string section, brass, flute and choir from various Mellotron versions, each note individually sampled to recreate the unique sound of the Mellotron. 10 different instruments total, all included as wav files in separate folders. Sampled by Taijiguy.

You can also download the SB Mellotron Samples #2 pack for free as well as all currently released Mellotron Live Packs (18 total). Also check out the other free Sonic Bloom Live Packs.

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27 Responses

  1. Thank you! Did you sample these yourself or are these samples the known free Taijiguy/Leisureland samples?

    1. I got them ages ago from a friend. I didn’t even know about the samples from Leisureland. There are a few sounds that we don’t have in common. Gotta check them out.

  2. Hello! I’ve got Ableton Live 7 and I run the software with a Macmini. Do you think the Mellotron Samples would work? If they won´t, what alternative would you recommend? Thanks a lot and good luck with your Blog!

  3. I just can’t get these to play – either the separate packs or the samples. I managed to load the string pack but no response to a MIDI keyboard. Deeply frustrating.

  4. Hey Madeleine,
    I was wondering if there is a way to get the same result in Live as with Logic?
    I can only drag one wav file at the time to simpler or to sampler, and it will transpose it for each key instead of using all your wav files, resulting in a much worse quality.

  5. These are the Taijiguy/Leisureland samples. Pretty bold to ask for a donation for somebody else’s work.

  6. I can’t wait to try these in my new downtempo track which focuses on 1960s NASA / moon vibes!

    The image says “Mellontron” – is that an error?

    Thank you!


  7. This is great. I just picked up the Deluge (trying to go completely dawless) and the machine has an automatic sample mapping function just by clicking on the folder. So this will work perefectly 🙂 thanks. Now I can make some trippy melotronic ambionic soundscapoids.

    1. I don’t understand the question. There’s nothing from Omnisphere in this sample pack. It’s all original sounds from the instrument called mellotron.

  8. thanks! I’m gonna try them with my new Arturia Mellotron vst , since I’m not satisfied of the their sounds. it’s apity since the GUI is very well done. seems to play the real instruments 🙂

  9. This is so cool! I’m hoping to load these onto a keyboard and play it without running it through a DAW. How much sample memory on the synth would I need to use this sample pack? Thank you

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