If you have a boutique MIDI controller that doesn't come with a MIDI remote script for Ableton Live or if you want to add your own quick access controls instead of using the available control surface, this meant mapping parameters for every Live Set. Time consuming and often quite clunky. Enter Remotify.

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Remotify is a web app that offers you a way to create your own MIDI remote scripts without writing one line of code. You create it by clicking buttons or choosing from dropdown menus, download it and then install it just like any other control surface in Live. It also recognises the data your controller sends, so there's no need to guess which MIDI message is sent. You only need to press MIDI Learn to map a control that you press or move. And not only that, but the script is dynamic. This means, the controlled parameter can change depending on what's currently chosen.

Remotify Mapping

There are no limits to the number of mappings you can create so you can endlessly edit and refine your MIDI remote scripts. Plus, there's no need to re­map everything each time you open a new Live Set. Once set up as a control surface, it works when Live is fired up and your controller is connected.

Remotify Mappings Overview

There are two versions. A free one and a paid one. With both you can create and download MIDI remote scripts as well as reimport them for adjustments and changes.

The free version offers mappings for:

  • Mixer controls: volume, pan, mute, solo, arm, sends
  • Device controls: device parameters, next/previous device, device bank up and down
  • Transport controls: stop, play, fast forward, rewind, record, loop

The paid version also allows for:

  • Highlighted track control: set mappings to control the currently selected ableton track
  • Session Control: create custom sized session boxes (the red box) to activate clips, scenes, stop tracks & stop all. Plus session navigation controls
  • Track Navigation: move the currently highlighted track left/right
  • Additional Device controls: set mappings to highlight a specific device in the current device chain or on a specific track.
  • Additional Transport controls: nudge up, nudge down, punch in, punch out, metronome, overdub, tempo control, tempo fine control, song position control
  • Access to 6 separate modes: assign multiple mappings to the same parameters on your midi controller and use separate modes to switch between them with shift or mode activation buttons
  • Login on up to 3 separate devices

Remotify Mapping Types

Even if you have a dedicated controller like Ableton Push you can benefit from Remotify. Imagine you want quick access to just a few things in your set. Simply create your own MIDI remote script and use it in User Mode. I've been testing the app in the last few days and so far I've only scratched the surface, but the possibilities are truly exciting. I'm certain I will use it when I get around to building my next live performance set.

So far the documentation is a bit sparse, so it's not as user friendly as it could be. I've been assured that more detailed explanations are in the works. And even without more documentation, you can easily figure things out if you know the parameters in Ableton Live and a little bit about MIDI.

Edit: By now, there's a good collection of tips and tutorials available under Docs. There were also plenty of new features in the latest update, as the following video shows.


Remotify is available for free after registration. The Pro version with extended mapping features is available for a one off lifetime payment of USD 57.