Today Ableton Live 9 turned 2. While the Live 9.2 beta brings some much wanted features like latency compensation, there's still plenty of functions Live doesn't offer. Here are the features I personally would really love to see implemented.

Feature wishlist for Ableton Live

  • Comping
  • Record audio directly into Simpler or Sampler (like on hardware samplers)
  • Foldable mixer element at the bottom of the Arrangement View
  • Improved Reverb
  • Turn Loop off when pressing Cmd or Ctrl + L another time
  • Clips for follow actions, automations etc. on groups, returns & master
  • More advanced Looper with more features and more of them mappable

or better yet

  • Audio overdub in clips when the mode is activated via a button (further settings available in Prefs)

Of course, everyone has their own unique way of using Live. That's why I'd like to read which features you miss in Live.