Control Surface Studio by Remotify: Make Your Own Control Surfaces for Ableton Live 9-11

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So far you could use the freemium web app by Remotify to create MIDI remote scripts aka Control Surfaces for Ableton Live 9 and 10. With Live 11 using Python 3, the web app's won't work anymore. Enter Control Surface

Free SB Mellotron Italian Accordion Live Pack (No. 73)

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Last, but not least in the second Mellotron Live Pack series we have the Mellotron Italian Accordion, each note individually sampled by Taijiguy. Italian Accordion is the sound Moody Blues' Mike Pinder used in the verses and solo of "Lunch Break:

Free SB Mellotron Mixed Brass B Live Pack (No. 72)

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This Mellotron Live Pack is the seventh and next to last of the free Live Packs I've created of the second batch of samples provided by Taijiguy. This one features each note individually sampled of the Mellotron Mixed Brass B