Before You Update Live Packs to Ableton Live 12

Ableton Live 12 was released yesterday, so if you have purchased the upgrade, you likely will or already have installed Live 12. In the browser, you will see an option at the bottom to update your Live Packs. While you should definitely update them, please watch this video first to avoid problems if you intend to keep Live 11 or earlier installed alongside Live 12. Otherwise, you may find that your presets will no longer work in the earlier version of Live.

If you’ve already updated your Live Packs, don’t worry, I’ll also cover what you can do to fix the problem of presets no longer working in the previous version of Live when updated to Live 12.


00:00 Why Not To Update Live Packs in Live 12
02:07 How To Properly Update Them To Avoid Issues
05:12 What About The User Library?
05:47 Already Installed? How To Fix Presets No Longer Working In Live 11 Or Below
07:37 Outro

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Let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything you’d like to add in the comments below.

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