Free Ableton Live 10 Themes Mega Pack (65 Themes)

Over the years, I’ve created 13 separate theme sets, each with five Ableton Live 10 themes. I figured I’d put them all in one mega pack for you since they’re still downloaded a lot, making it simpler to get them.

This mega pack with 65 individual themes covers a huge variety of looks, ranging from light to medium to extremely dark. Some are more retro in style, some are neutral greys with pops of colour, and still others have very bold hues. Recreated skins from Ableton Live versions 1 through 5 can be particularly daring in colours. A whole bunch are updated replicas of my own skins that I created for Live 8 and 9. Additionally, I designed several new themes as well.

With so many choices available, so you’ll probably find at least a few that you like to spruce up your Live Sets with. And trust me when I tell you this. Changing the look of Live can truly help spark creativity and break you out of a rut. At least occasionally.

You can view each theme by watching the video below:


Important note: While these themes will work in Live 11 and up as well (all editions), some elements might not fit the colour scheme as changes were made in Live 11 and 12. In Live 11, this mostly (only?) affects the transport bar at the top, which would be shown as default grey. In Live 12, the scale awareness buttons will remain their default purple as well.

On Live 11? I also offer a free mega pack with 55 Live 11 themes. The Live 9 skins mega pack remains available for free download as well. If you are unsure about how to install them, check out this guide. Additionally, I have a tutorial if you want to make your own themes.

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