Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Trombone & Trumpet Live Pack (No. 68)

The next free Live Pack made from samples of the lovely archetypical sampler called Mellotron, the electromechanical keyboard instrument with tapes as sound sources, is SB Mellotron Trombone & Trumpet. The samples again were provided by Taijiguy. This third Live

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Church Organ Live Pack (No. 67)

The Mellotron is an electro-mechanical musical instrument developed in Birmingham (UK) in 1963, based on playing individual magnetic tapes in tape cartridges per note by pressing keys on a keyboard. The Church Organ preset is the sound that Mike Pinder

Free SB Mellotron Live Pack Bundle 3

Free SB Mellotron Bassoon Live Pack (No. 66)

Years ago, I made 10 free Mellotron Live Packs from samples by Taijiguy. He recently got in touch with me to let me know he’d uploaded 8 further sample sets, so I sat down and create Simpler presets as well

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #12

Unless people start asking for specific skins from Live 1 to 4 that I haven’t recreated yet, this set concludes the recreations. It contains various default skins from Live 1 to 4, the rather greyish ones actually called “Default…”. I

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #11

This time I have five skins from Live 4 for you that I’ve recreated as Live themes: Battleship, Fungus, Laser, Metal and Midnight. Live skins were a lot more colourful and daring than the ones included by default in Live

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #10

A lot of skins were included in Live 2, so I’ve recreated five more of them that you can download for free as well. The ones I remade as Live 10 themes are Graphite, Pilz, Smog, Swamp and Tucson. I’d

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #9

This time I’m back with recreations of skins from Live 2 as Live 10 themes. Cardboard, Concrete, Dawn, Dust and Float to be exact. Enjoy! If you have the means to do so and would like to say thank you,

Free SB ReGenerators 2 (No. 65)

SB ReGenerators 2 contains 3 fully macro mapped MIDI effect racks – a two chord generator, a four note generator as well as a two arp generator – for Ableton Live 9.7 Intro (or even Lite) and up.

SB Hells Bells Live Pack

Free SB Hells Bells Live Pack (No. 64)

I’ve recently created a remix for a track that contains quite a few field recordings including different recordings of one of those bells at hotel receptions. I’ve used these samples to create a preset that rotates through them determined by

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #8

I’ve been asked quite a few times if I could recreate skins from old Live versions. I’ve finally downloaded Live 1 to 4 and retrieved their skins. This first set of themes are recreations of Live 1 skins. Namely Aubergine,

Free SB ReGenerators (No. 63)

SB ReGenerators contains three MIDI effects racks for generating music. They work in Ableton Live 9.7 Lite and up.

Sonic Bloom Array Mbira: The Grand of Thumb Pianos Live Pack

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first premium Live Pack (and free version – download below) for Ableton Live 9.7 Intro and up. For this, I’ve sampled my favourite acoustic instrument, the array mbira. I discovered the


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